Who We Are


We care about Middleton and the people who live there.

We work to make housing, food, energy, transport, care, clothing and household goods, banking, advice and legal support, easy to access, affordable and good quality.

We encourage and support community ownership and care of green spaces, entertainment venues, co-working spaces and buildings.

We attract and help new co-operatives and social businesses to grow in Middleton, employing local people and offering services that improve lives. Our cooperative and community wealth building approach supports everything that we do.

We are a core group of 7 people, our founding directors Mark, Kallum, Phill and Kerry, and our supporters Nicola, Marianne and Cliff.  Each of us brings expertise, energy and commitment.

Mark Fraser is a Middleton resident who took early retirement after working for Bolton Council. He now volunteers at the Lighthouse Project, where he is a trained debt adviser and helps with the Lighthouse Pantry. Mark is currently the secretary of Middleton Co-operating.

Kallum Nolan is a life-long Middleton resident who is an elected councillor, representing North Middleton on Rochdale Council. Kallum has recently taken on the management of the Crown Inn on Rochdale Road, and is the chair of Middleton Co-operating.

Phill Worthington is the Community Investment Manager for Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and is keen to explore how asset-based approaches can be used to build community wealth and local economic growth. Phill is a founding director of Middleton Co-operating.

Kerry Bertram is the lead for Action Together in Rochdale and is passionate about co-creating communities with charities, social enterprises and citizens alongside public sector partners and businesses. Kerry is a founding director of Middleton Co-operating.

Nicola Hine is a Corporate Policy Adviser for Rochdale Council and links Middleton Co-operating into the local authority staff and services that can help us achieve our aims.

Marianne Sensier is an economist at the Manchester Business School. Marianne is currently researching regional economic resilience, strategic public procurement and community wealth building.

Cliff Mills is a lawyer at Anthony Collins Solicitors and specialises in co-operative law. Cliff is also a volunteer with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) and was involved in setting RBH up as a mutual housing provider.


Our core group members work to bring together a partnership of people and organisations who care about and want to make a difference in our town. These are the members of Middleton Cooperating and include:

  • individuals who live and work in Middleton;
  • local community groups;
  • partner co-operative organisations, and similar;
  • local small and medium-sized businesses;
  • "anchor organisations" - these are the large public sector organisations (like the Council, RBH, Rochdale College) which spend a lot of money locally and employ a lot of people, and who have responsibility in some way for promoting the well-being of local people. 

Our cooperative and social business partners and colleagues include:

We welcome membership from local small and medium-sized businesses, and from local community groups.