Community-owned Housing

The housing situation in Middleton is becoming more difficult. Prices and rents have been rising fast – beyond what a lot people can afford. There are many fewer homes available for social rent. This is mainly as a result of “right-to-buy”. And the number of homes owned by private landlords continues to increase. Sadly, there is no security in private tenancies, with people at risk of eviction at any time for no reason.

For some home-owners, their houses are valuable assets. But for many people, finding the money to pay their mortgage or their rent is becoming more and more difficult. If they do have to leave their home, finding somewhere else to live can be really hard.

Having a secure and affordable home is fundamental to our well-being and, at Middleton Co-operating, we want this to be the reality for as many people as possible.

We think that our partnership can promote the development of community-owned housing across Middleton. This is already happening through Langley Community Benefit Society and – with the support of Rochdale Council, Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, and other housing partners – we can access the funding and expertise to increase the number and types of secure, affordable, and good quality homes in our town.

For more information on Community Land Trusts and community-owned housing, please see:

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If you’d like to get involved in Middleton Co-operating’s work on community-owned housing, please contact us at