Other projects

We want to help to bring about change in a whole range of areas that impact on people's lives in Middleton, because we believe that things can be done differently and better.

You can read about some of these on other pages of our website (energy, housing, advice, social care, banking), but there are many more things that we want to see happen in a co-operative way as we grow and develop.

These include:

- all aspects of the local food economy (for example - growing, buying, storing, cooking, eating)

- improved mental health services

- affordable, good quality child care

- co-working spaces that are run co-operatively (in partnership with Indycube)

- the repair/re-use/recycling of clothing (in partnership with Stitched Up)

- local opportunities for all kinds of creativity (in partnership with Culture Co-op)

- work-spaces for start-up enterprises and "incubating" small businesses

- transport and air quality

- community ownership and management of land and property, including green spaces

- the repair/re-use/recycling of furniture, white goods, and electrical equipment.


We don't expect to do all this ourselves, and we're open to supporting other ideas and initiatives that our members, or other local groups, want to make happen.

And there's no detailed blueprint for Middleton Co-operating, or for the change that we'll bring about.

We'll go with the energy and the enthusiasm, and take good opportunities as they arise, as far as they fit with our overall purpose and principles.

If there's anything on this list that pricks your interest, or is already very close to your heart, please get in touch.

We'll be setting up and supporting circles (our working groups) to bring people together for all of these - helping people and organisations work together for mutual benefit, and for the good of all the people of Middleton.