Middleton Advice Co-op

From time to time, we all find ourselves in the position of needing some well-informed advice or legal support.

This might be to do with housing, relationships, employment, benefits, immigration, debts, or a range of other things.

Over the last few years, access to legal aid has become much more limited and, in Middleton, the same has happened in relation to advice services.

The Citizens Advice centre on Milton St. closed several years ago. The nearest centre is now in Rochdale, with access mainly by phone.

While people can still get some advice locally – from the Lighthouse Project, Brentwood, or Burnside, for example – the overall provision is a bit fragmented and doesn’t cover all areas of need.

At Middleton Co-operating, we want people to be able to get the advice they need – including in face-to-face conversations – easily and conveniently. That would help us all make good, informed decisions, and protect our rights.

Working first with the Lighthouse Project and Greater Manchester Law Centre, we’re planning a Middleton Advice Co-op – to build co-ordinated and comprehensive local advice services, including specialist legal support when needed, so that no-one is excluded from access to good advice and support.

To start with, we aim to run a “pop-up advice shop” for a couple of weeks in the town centre. We’ll provide free advice through the pop-up shop, and it will help us gauge the type of advice services that people need. We’re especially interested in making contact with local lawyers who might want to do some “pro-bono” work.


For more information on advice services, please see:

- Greater Manchester Law Centre

- Citizens Advice

- Lighthouse Project


If you’d like to get involved in Middleton Advice Co-op, please contact us at advice@middleton.coop